Based in South Oxfordshire, the Vehicle-Store provides a secure and dry storage facilities for all types of vehicle. Our passion is vehicles and our need for housing our own pride and joys has brought us together to offer our services out, helping to preserve vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Who Are

Located in Steventon, Wrex Racing LTD T/A Dans Garage is a small family owned and operated business. The Wrex Racing Company acquired a storage facility in 2020 allowing it to store its own vehicles, but after realizing a gap in the market, began storing both public and trade vehicles.

Vehicle Repairs

Not only do we cater for your storage needs but we also own and run a fully equipped workshop, so we can transfer your vehicle from the storage facility to our workshop and then return it back to its storage space once works completed.

Your Pride & Joy Deserves The Best

With Over 15 Years In The Trade